Hi, welcome! :) My name is Sam. I am a 22-year-old student from the Midwest. You can use he/his/him or they/their/them. This is my personal blog. I hope you have a nice time looking around.


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fuck europe for everything being so close together. i want to be within 2-3 hours by car of everything/able to take a train anywhere/able to buy plane tickets that aren’t $$$$$$$$$$$$$ no matter where they go. north america is too big !

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Stone Dead

Mark loved the fall before he died, but now the crisp breezes felt too much like winter against his rough and creaking bones. Before, he’d sit on the deck with Jeremy on an evening like this. They lived in a gaping Chicago highrise north of the Loop, and they loved sitting out together in the fall, listening for melodies in the cool winds whistling between the skyscrapers. Now Mark’s bones were all that was likely to whistle in the wind, and all in all it was just too fucking cold.

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ohh my god, i’m wearing a cozy long-sleeved shirt, there are four layers of blankets on top of me, my room is super cold, and there’s a consistent heavy drizzle happening outside my open window, this truly is the life, kids